10.02 - 18.03.2012: NASACZANIE - JÓZEF HAŁAS

Józef Hałas (born in1927 inNowy Sacz) – graduated from National Higher School of the Visual Arts in Wroclaw (PWSSP – today Academy of Fine Arts).  Starting from a groundbreaking National Exhibition of Young Art in Warsaw Arsenal’55 he has participated in over three hundred individual and group shows, so far. He was one of the creators of Grupa X and a member of Szkola Wroclawska (Wroclaw School).


Since 1954 he is the member of ZPAP (Association of Polish Artists and Designers), where he was a Member of the Management Board of Painting Section. He received the Golden Medal of ZPAP.


In the years 1958 - 2001 he taught at the Academy of Fine Arts (in the years 1962 - 1967 he was a teacher in the Higher School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw), where he established the Department of General Artistic Education at the Faculty of Interior Design and Designing. He was its head in the years 1980 – 1984.  In the years 1984 – 1985 he served as vice-rector of theAcademyofFine ArtsinWroclaw. In 1985 he became the head of the Painting Department at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture (excluding the years 1990-1996). In the years 1988 – 1996 he was a member of the Council of Higher Artistic Education. While working in the Academy he passed through all the possible university degrees; assistant professor in 1971, associate professor in 1988 and the title of full professor in 1990.


Awards: Grand Prix at Festival of Polish Contemporary Painting in Szczecinie 1966, Lifetime Achievement Award of the City of Wroclaw 1969, Award of the Rectors Collegium 1989. Winner of numerous awards of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for teaching activities. Professor Halas’ works are exhibited at national museums, as well as in private collections in Poland and abroad.



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