29.08 - 21.09.2014: “THE ART SCHOOL OF CLUJ”

Curator: Calin Stegerean

Based on the international last years’ success of the contemporary painters from Cluj, highlighted in catalogues and books as Art Cities of the Future: 21st-Century Avant-Gardes, with artworks presented in famous museums and art galleries from all over the world, the exhibition The Art School of Cluj will present the most influential local painters beginning from the interwar period until now. The term ”Art School of Cluj’’ was introduced by Giancarlo Politi, the editor of Flash Art Magazine, in the occasion of the Prague Biennale when he noticed a characteristic of the young artists coming from Cluj-Napoca. Indeed, the interest in a figurative painting is a constant of the Cluj painters and this exhibition will present paintings with this characteristic from The Cluj Art Museum’s collection and from private collections. The exhibition will show representative works of Abódi Nagy Béla, Petre Abrudan, Ioana Antoniu, Gheorghi Apostu, Marius Bercea, Catul Bogdan, Teodor Botiş, Victor Ciato, Radu Comşa, Adriana Elian, Petru Feier, Radu Fulger, Adrian Ghenie, Teodor Harşia, Kőmives Andor, Nicolae Maniu, Florin Maxa, Miklossy Gábor, Mohi Sándor, Ciprian Mureşan, Ioan Aurel Mureşan, Radu Pulbere, Şerban Savu, Ioan Sbârciu, Paul Sima, Radu Şerban, Tóth László and Mircea Vremir.   

Cluj-Napoca has a specific cultural profile, based on Romanian and Hungarian ethnic coexistence, being the city, after the capital Bucharest, with the greatest number of artists, cultural institutions, events and audience. The Cluj Art Museum was founded in 1951 and its collections contain Romanian and universal art (paintings, sculptures, graphic and decorative arts) from the 17th century until now.




Radu Fulger, Zespół Wydziału Malarstwa/The Painting Team, 1965, olej/oil, 100x90,7 cm



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