11.07 - 24.08.2014: BY THE RIVER THAT IS NOT THERE

Teresa Gierzyńska
Edward Dwurnik, Dorota Gierzyńska, Przemysław Kwiek, Zofia Kulik, Daniel Wnuk

Vernissage: July 11th, 18:00
July 12th – August 24th 2014

Each painted oneself as one wanted to, however keeping in mind to create a good whole, freedom of the individual and harmonious collaboration. So was it written in a manifesto sent by the KwieKulik duo. Expressed therein however were not only philosophies that emerged as a result of the large format canvases that were honoured in a competition created for the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution outbreak. Suggested were also a utopian vision of a political system within which they lived and created. Thus October '77 was created by six artists, Some of them were raised together, others grew up together. In other words, six people, within which three couples, and an equivalent amount of vision. In this particular exhibition however one of them dominates, although delicately intertwined by another, who was born in the shadows of the latter.
Teresa Gierzyńska, she's the leading character of the exhibition. She's a sculptor. She's an author of delicate and ironic reprints investigating the iconospheres of pop culture from the 70s. She's a creator of an intimate diary – comprised of existential and minimalistic photographs that in time will serve as a major foundation to her formal experiments. Edward Dwurnik. He's a painter – as Przemysław Kwiek wrote in 1969 – "the poetics of small polish towns and its everyday human dramas". Their common journey in life will be subordinated with creative work.
The rhythm of her art is expressed by the narrative thread and nuances of the exhibition. Sometimes personal life can step into the canvas or set itself in front of the lens. During a plein air she would become a character in a still life. While working on a public production he would serve as a model for her. He's a master in characterisation, she's a master in the psychology of the person. So much for the first and second layer. In the background we find a vast story about an artistic life and a difficult existence in contemporary Poland.
The exhibition also shows a spectrum of artistic practices, which includes both traditional artistic mediums (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography), as well as experiments with materials as filtered by the dominant at the time conceptualism and influence of Oskar Hansen's theories. Some of the works propose a vision of art's functionality in society. Others are at once idealized and at times realistic descriptions. Added to that are numerous documents pertaining to the artistic-social situation of the times. And finally, an exhibition – the lesser known works – about how the artists see each other.
The title of the exhibition, borrowed from Stanisław Czycz and Andrzej Barański, is directly meant to refer to the smell of grass when saturated by the summer sun in the atmosphere of an ordinary small town. During our youth, as we experience different things for the first time, we are brave and unafraid to think idealistically.

A photo taken while painting Październik '77 [October '77]. From the artists archive.




















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