4.04 - 11.05.2014: SZYMON KOBYLARZ - DIAMAT

Curator: Łukasz Białkowski

or how the impossible becomes real

Diamat is an exhibition about consequences

At first glance it may appear as a retrospective. In a space of almost 500m2 presented are many works that Szymon Kobylarz had already shown earlier. Amongst them elements from his exhibition The Man Who Has Survived the End of the World, as well his so-called Incredible Anti-gravitational Ionocraft objects, his urban guerilla figure from the exhibition Civil Defense, and paintings from his series Art For Art's Sake.

Hidden there can also be found secret formulas that transgress the laws of physics, quasi-scientific experiments carried out in prisons, number sequences that correspond to the nature of the universe and secret plans to control civilization. It is as though behind each work a Mason, an Illuminati, or at least a spy was hiding. The scientific and technological system thus left to frolic about on its own, to work by its own accord, consequently not submitting itself to any control, remaining hidden.


Para-science unenthusiastically looks on at what the official scientific system and its modest ambitions have to offer, while itself it tries to find the theory of everything. Since within each detail there-in lies a devil, nothing should be therefore overlooked. Each individual bits of matter have to be arranged in a cohesive whole. Like DIAlectical MATterialism has taught us merely a few decades ago: our awareness is shaped by life, quantity can wonderfully be transformed into quality, and history and art are absolutely predictable.


Thus consequently the Diamat exhibition is a search for consequences. In searching for patterns, as derived from para-science, Szymon Kobylarz plays around with samples, prototypes and matrixes. He takes it upon himself to work with previously tested formulas and already confirmed theories. Reason being why at the exhibition can be found, amongst his more known works, sketches and models of objects that have yet been realised (34/55), including his work "The Tree" which was never meant to be built and up to this point has only been represented but once on a painting shown at the Art for Art's Sake exhibition. Its shape based on a digitally generated fractal image, over the course of the past few months Szymon Kobylarz – in taking up the roll of a carpenter – would bring to life each of its digitally generated twigs, limbs and its trunk.

Perhaps indeed there is not much extravagance to all of this. Nonetheless, para-science and art can bring about many things, a sense of imagination above of all, that can lead towards places where vision and reason, no matter how willing and persistent, are simply not willing to go, regardless whether the imagined, the unattainable had suddenly become real.

Łukasz Białkowski

Szymon Kobylarz (b.1981 in Świętochłowice) – in 2007 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He works with various mediums. In his practice he often likes to delve into themes related to catastrophes, he likes to challenge the illusionary aspect of painting, he analyses the functionality of space and the institution of exhibition, he creates alternative para-documentary creations concerning history and knowledge. He lives in Katowice, where he also teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts. 





Bez tytułu (statek) - instalacja, z cyklu Człowiek, który przeżył koniec świata, 2011

Fraktal (drzewo) – rzeźba z drewna, 2014
















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