Curator: Dawid Radziszewski


I Much Rather Prefer a Common Pot Than Culture is an exhibition concentrated around the work of Adam Rzepecki from the years 1978-1989. The exhibition will locate the work of the artist in relation to a larger context of art in the 80's.  Photographic archives of Adama Rzepecki will be presented at the exhibition, as well as photographs of his colleagues from that period in time. The artist's work will be therefore seen as an axis around which will be constructed a narrative about the political art scene from the 80's, as well as the influence it had on the artistic scenes that followed it post-1989.


Adam Rzepecki is one of the most interesting artists to have come out of the 80's. He was a member of the group Lodz-Kaliska – one of the most important artistic groups from that period. His work however is best expressed by his individual artistic output. Rzepecki was also considered as part of a particular group of artists who were known for contesting authority and the conventional means that were used against it. During the declining years of the PRL he permeated a utopian belief towards the freedom of artistic expression, even in the face of adverse political and social conditions.


On the one hand this project is an opportunity to discover the work of an outstanding artist, while on the other hand it is also an opportunity to tell the story of an entire decade – a decade filled with paradoxes, a decade which is harder and harder to understand from today's perspective. This project is also an attempt to give back a voice to those that have participated in those events, since their relationship to these differs drastically from that of today's generation of curators or art critics.


Within the framework of the projects an extensive catalogue will be published documenting the work of Adam Rzepecki from 1978-1989.





 Adama Rzepecki, With a wisthle (from the series Male art and others), 1980.







Adam Rzepecki's portrait, 1980s.














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