18.10 - 24.11.2013: WHAT REMAINS

Curator: Magda Ujma

During the opening Ewa Zarzycka and Karolina Oleksik will present their performance "It Happend in the Future".


Olaf Brzeski, Bogna Burska, Helen Ganly, Veli Granö, Polina Kanis, Jacob Kierkegaard, Rä di Martino, Lucia Nimcová, Karolina Niwelińska, Eugenio Percossi, Jadwiga Sawicka, Jacek Zachodny, Ewa Zarzycka i Karolina Oleksik


What Remains is an interdisciplinary exhibition about the psychological dependencies in everyday life, about the search for impulses and their persistent repetitive nature, about private rituals, about the obsessiveness of collecting things, about the excessive absorption one may have towards one's own immediate environment, and finally about dependencies towards self-analysis. The exhibition is an all-encompassing project in which various ways of leading a narrative on the subject of emotions and various artistic disciplines are intertwined with each other, where the visual arts are interconnected with literature, as much as they are with the audio arts. It's an exhibition meant to have an impact on the senses of the viewers, as much as it is about the recollection of memories and individual associations. It's an exhibition where sounds, texts and images are meant to complement one another. What Remains is also an attempt of approaching the burning topics of today's contemporary Polish art scene from a different perspective than usual, as well as the questions pertaining to the usefulness of art and its power to change reality. In spite of today's popularity in engaging such problematic issues, the perspective proposed here by Magda Ujma, by way of re-giving voice to the inner worlds of the individual, underlines a rather more subjective means of understanding and taking up the subject.


One of the inspirations for the project is Tom MacCarthy's novel Remainder, which is dedicated to memory loss as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as the problem of reenactment.  MacCarthy's novel was initially first made popular by contemporary art galleries. Tom MacCarthy is the president of a fictional Neuronautical Society, as well as the author of many manifests and artistic actions.


Accompanying the exhibition will be film projections of: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Synecdoche, New York", "Reconstruction", as well as workshops organized by the STUDNIA O group, and a catalogue published in the form of an anthology of literary texts dedicated to the issue of psychological addictions.




Helen Ganly, a sketch of the installation shown at BWA SOKÓŁ Gallery, 2013 © Helen Ganly


A sketch for the performance It Happened in the Future, 2013 © Ewa Zarzycka & Karolina Oleksik









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